• Do we need to buy any special equipment? -No! We just ask the kids to wear comfy clothes and sneakers. We are indoors -- no cleats please! T-shirts can be purchased through our online store:


  • Can we sign up for more than one season? -Absolutely! Return players are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Consistency is key, and skill level will increase as they return for an advanced course. The ultimate goal is to create our own league! There is no limit to how many times you can return.


  • My child doesn't have a formal autism or sensory processing diagnosis, but has trouble in a group or typical sports setting, can he/she still participate? -Most likely. If you are unsure, feel free to email us and ask if we think he/she would be a good fit!


  • My child has gross motor delays, can he/she still play with Oak City Soccer? -Yes!


  • When are the classes? -classes are scheduled in six week blocks. We register on average 3 months in advance. . Please see the sign up page.


  • What is the cost of the program? -The cost for a 6 week program is $95. We are passionate about providing a needed service to the community, while keeping registration fees competitive; however, we also need to ensure the future and stability of our organization. Thank you for your support!


  • I want to volunteer. What is required of me? -Click the volunteer tab at the top of the website. Complete the form and choose a specific date&time which interests you. Volunteers sign up for one hour at a time and there is no expectation past the one hour of your specific date. No training required, just a love of kids! We will fill you in with any information needed. Volunteers act as buddies to our players, helping them stay on task and engage with peers. Thank you for your help!!


  • Do you have a waiting list? -Yes! Our classes fill very quickly. Please click the sign up tab at the top of the website and complete the mailing list form. Once new classes are announced, you will be contacted with a chance to signup!


  • Do you accept donations? -Absolutely! Donations are greatly appreciated, as we are a fast growing 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization. Please click here to donate.