Cary Summer 1 Competitive League 3pm


Cary Summer 1 Competitive League 3pm


Skill Goals (Require assistance less than 25% of time)

  1. Traps/soccer stops using inside of foot (both feet)

  2. Shooting intention/accuracy (able to hit cones)

  3. Passing accuracy/ to people

  4. Grading passes accuracy both feet (hard, soft, short, long)

  5. Dribbling (both feet, under control)

  6. Change of direction with ball

  7. Communication (call for ball, talk to teammates)

  8. Basic Defense (blocking, understanding teams play to two different goals)

  9. Moving without the ball to open space/spreading out on the field

  10. Sportsmanship (high fives, no pushing, emotional regulation with goals for/against, sharing ball)

We will do a mix of structured drills, loosely structured activities, and competitive scrimmages/games.

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