Our last remaining spots for Fall have been reserved for NCFC U12 DA South. If you are a part of this specific team, please register to volunteer using this form. All other fall spots are full at this time. Volunteer signup for winter season will begin soon. Please check back at a later date, or email oakcityvolunteer@gmail.com to be added to our list of contacts for the future. Thank you for your interest!

Oak City Soccer is searching for volunteers ages 14 and up (unless accompanied by a parent). OCS provides soccer instruction to children on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing differences. Volunteers will serve as a one-on-one mentor to a child, helping him/her complete activities and encouraging social interactions. Classes are held year round, and require a minimum one hour time commitment. With your help, we are able to create a more personalized experience for all! Please complete the form below and choose a class date & time which works best for you. 

We typically need 4-6 volunteers per class. If you are interested in volunteering as a group, we ask that each volunteer registers individually but identifies the group they are affiliated with in the comment section.

***Volunteers can sign up individually for as many classes as they wish, based on availability. If you'd like to participate in more than one class time, please indicate in the comments section. It is important we do not book too many volunteers at a time, so please do not show up without prior approval. We are incredibly grateful for your help! Thank you SO much!***

PLEASE NOTE: If you are signing up for more than one date & time, please first choose one from the drop down menu, then WRITE in the comments the additional dates & times you'd like to sign up. Please don't complete a new form for each class. Thank you!

For any additional volunteer questions, please contact us at oakcityvolunteer@gmail.com

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Volunteer's Cell Phone Number
Please choose a class date & time which works best for you. Email Oakcityvolunteer@gmail.com to be notified when new volunteer spots are available.
Liability Waiver & Photo Release * Waiver of Liability and Release Form This form must be completed for volunteer. (Completing this registration and checking "I agree" will serve as your signature. Registration form will not submit without agreement. No volunteer will be allowed to participate without this form. I, the undersigned, in consideration for my voluntary participation in Oak City Soccer, do hereby willfully acknowledge that my signature below attests to my understanding and agreement that: I agree to pay for any and all damages to any property or indemnities caused by me willfully, negligently, or otherwise. Soccer is a physical, contact, sport that involves the risk of injury. I assume all risks and hazards associated with my participation in the sport. I am in proper physical condition to participate in soccer practices and games and have no illness, disease or existing injury or physical defect that would be aggravated by my participation. I will inform my coach if this status changes. I further acknowledge that this risk may involve loss or damage to me or my property, including the risk of death, or other unforeseen consequences, including those which may be due to the unavailability of immediate emergency medical care. Oak City Soccer does not have personal injury insurance that covers my participation. Under any condition, I am responsible for any and all medical expenses arising from my participation, both in practices and games and while travelling to and from these events. I have the right and responsibility to inspect the equipment and facilities prior to events and, if I believe that anything may be unsafe, I will advise the coach or supervisor of the condition and may refuse to participate. Participation assumes consent. I authorize my photograph, picture or likeness, and voice to appear in any documentary, promotion (including advertising), television, video, or radio coverage of Oak City Soccer, without compensation. No names will be used without prior permission. I hereby release, waive liability, discharge, hold harmless, indemnify, and covenant not to sue, Oak City Soccer, SportHQ, their associated directors, administrators, officers, managers, employees, coaches, trainers, volunteers, sponsors and advertisers, and other agents, estates or executors, from any and all liability incurred in the conduct of, and my participation in, their soccer programs. This includes owners, lessors, and lessees of premises, municipalities, government agencies, successors, heirs, and assigns. I have completely read this document and fully understand its contents. I acknowledge that I have given up substantial rights by accepting this document and that I do so voluntarily. My signature attests to this on behalf of myself and my executors, personal representatives, administrators, heirs, next-of-kin, successors, and assigns. For those individuals under the age of eighteen (18) years (minor): As the parent and natural guardian or legal guardian of the participant, I hereby agree to the foregoing Waiver of Liability and Release for, and on behalf of, the participant (player/minor) named above. I hereby bind myself, the minor, and all other assigns to the terms of the Waiver of Liability and Release. I represent and certify that I have the legal capacity and the authority to act for, and on behalf of, the minor in the execution of this Waiver of Liability and Release. Please check the box "I agree" and submit your registration form in place of signature. Copies of this waiver can be made upon request, and any questions can be directed to contact@oakcitysoccer.net.



Oak City Soccer is seeking volunteer head coaches to make a one hour time commitment per week for six weeks season. You get to progress with the same group of athletes for an entire season to build a stronger rapport. This is an unpaid volunteer position. Volunteer head coaches must be 16 or older. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you after we receive your application to discuss further details.

Others can volunteer to assist via our "volunteer" section of the website. (see above)

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